Why cloudacity


The world of IT is changing at a very fast rate, leaving a lot to worry about from an IT perspective. For that purpose, Cloudacity BVBA was created.

Founded in 2017, two old friends and former colleagues got together to do what they love the most …

explore new technologies

We try to stay on top, updating our knowledge at a constant rate, helping us to give you the complete picture how we can be of service.

go further than others

We don’t give you a product. We advise, help and build with you the correct solution tailored to your needs.

incorporate new ways of working

You want to work remotely? From home? It needs to be secure? What is possible nowadays?

advise where required

Making a decision should be based on a solid understanding of what you need and what you can do, that’s where we come in.

secure where needed

Solutions built just for you are great, but even better if you can sleep at night …

prevent malicious access

Many options are at your grasp to prevent access from any intrusion …

embrace the cloud

For specific needs, a hybrid approach or even full cloud can be an option for you, saving costs and optimizing your infrastructure topology …