Desktop Presentation

Desktop presentation means creating the platform of choice for building virtualization solutions, including delivering individual virtualized applications, providing secure mobile and remote desktop access, and providing end users the ability to run applications and desktops for each customer.

We offer and support the two competitors in this segment.

Microsoft Remote Desktop Server offers deployment flexibility, cost efficiency, and extensibility all delivered through a variety of deployment options, including Windows Server for on-premises deployments and Microsoft Azure for cloud deployments.

Depending on your environment and preferences, you can set up the RDS solution for session-based virtualization, as a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), or as a combination of the two:

  • Session-based virtualization: Leverage the compute power of Windows Server to provide a cost-effective multi-session environment to drive your users’ everyday workloads
  • VDI: Leverage Windows client to provide the high performance, app compatibility, and familiarity that your users have come to expect of their Windows desktop experience.

Within these virtualization environments, you have additional flexibility in what you publish to your users:

  • Desktops: Give your users a full desktop experience with a variety of applications that you install and manage. Ideal for users that rely on these computers as their primary workstations or that are coming from thin clients, such as with MultiPoint Services.
  • RemoteApps: Specify individual applications that are hosted/run on the virtualized machine but appear as if they’re running on the user’s desktop like local applications. The apps have their own taskbar entry and can be resized and moved across monitors. Ideal for deploying and managing key applications in the secure, remote environment while allowing users to work from and customize their own desktops.



Citrix XenApp is application virtualization software produced by Citrix Systems that allows Windows applications to be accessed from a shared server or cloud system. It is the flagship product for Citrix and was formerly known under the names WinFrame, MetaFrame, and Presentation Server. XenDesktop is a step up from RDS. It’s been designed from the ground up to replace your desktop computer.  It has some features that just aren’t possible with RDS but comes at a higher license and implementation and management cost. For any assistance, guidance, consultancy, upgrades, let us know…


On Premise – Hybrid or Full cloud ?

We can manage about any version of RDS and Citrix Xenapp and we can assist you with any Azure or Citrix cloud integration…

We support also many 2- or multifactor authentication solutions to create a secure remote access workspace.